Art and artisan courses

In addition to learning the Italian language, many students are attracted to Florence for the opportunities offered by the city to get to  know and to learn arts and crafts, which have come from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance  have been handed down to the present day, keeping intact the patrimony of their  techniques, imagination and genius.
The dense network of laboratories and workshops for artists in its neighbourhoods  is testimony to its uniqueness.
Art, creativity and experience consolidated and handed down for centuries, make up a great patrimony that we have the duty to conserve.
Through  the program Firenze nell'Arte , Centro Machiavelli, puts students in touch with artists and craftsmen organizing courses and workshops in their laboratories and workshops.

Restoration Laboratory
Courses offered:
Painting reproduction
Trompe l'oeil
Florentine mosaic
Leather bags and belts
Leather shoes
Wood carving
Glass, textile and wood decoration
Florentine marbled paper
Antique paper and book restoration
Furniture restoration
Restoration of paintings
Window dressing
Interior design
Glass work
Picture framing
Costume jewellery
Framing, costume jewellery and bookbinding